Thursday, December 02, 2004

“The Pre-ramble” (Click PODCAST)

I am a child of television. I represent the first generation whom, when we were born, the television was now a permanent fixture in our homes. When I was born people had breakfast with Barbara Walters, dinner with Walter Cronkite, and slept with Johnny Carson. With that being said, no, television did not make me believe that all problems can be solved in 30 minutes. I never thought that “Leave it to Beaver” presented a realistic look on life. But “Three’s Company” did make me believe that you could rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica for $300.00 a month. I wish that life came with a laugh track. That way people who can’t see how funny life really is can at least pretend they get it.

I have noticed that an electronic piece of furniture has entered our sphere of influence more so than any other medium, but let me get one thing straight, I am not a couch potato, I am a Television Aficionado American. I am a comedian, writer and actor. I read books, and not just the ones that Oprah tells me to. I am happily married and am a productive member of society. I live in Hollywood, California and am tired of members of my community being described as amoral and trying to undermine the fabric of the American family.

As a child I was warned that when I grow up I’ll be at parties and people will be talking about things that are happening in the world and all I will be able to talk about is TV. Well today at parties I’m the one who wants to talk about things that are happening in the world and everyone else wants to talk about TV.

My purpose for writing this column is not to be a TV critic, although at times I can and will be very critical of the medium and it’s viewers. I hope through this column I can illustrate how real life influences TV and how TV influences real life and while doing so incorporating some observations and personal stories.

To quote Walter Cronkite, "That’s the way it is".

Stay Tuned

Tony Figueroa

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