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Calendar year 2012 will mark the 40th anniversary of the network television premiere of The Streets of San Francisco, the long-running ABC police drama starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas and produced by Quinn Martin. The Los Angeles Times once described The Streets of San Francisco as “perhaps the best cop drama other than Police Story,” while Quinn Martin himself believed that The Streets of San Francisco was the best series that he ever made.

We'll take you behind the scenes of Streets this week along with actor, author and television historian James Rosin. Jim’s latest book, The Streets of San Francisco: A Quinn Martin TV series, provides not only a comprehensive oral history of The Streets of San Francisco from the people who made it — including comments and insight from series star Michael Douglas, producers John Wilder and Cliff Gould, and director Walter Grauman — but some cool extra features that you don’t always see in TV reference books. We’ll talk about the origins of Streets of San Francisco, the appeal of QM shows in general, the camaraderie between Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, and much, much more when Jim Rosin joins us in our second hour.

Also joining us this week will be San Francisco-based independent filmmaker Daron Ker. Daron’s films include I Ride and Rice Field of Dreams, both of which tell stories about bridging the gap in different cultures. I Ride takes viewers into the world of biker culture, as seen through the eyes of The Fryed Brothers Band — the best rock band you’ve probably never heard of — while Rice of Field of Dreams is the story of Cambodian refugee Joe Cook, who escaped the Khmer Rouge and became a successful chef in the United States, only to return to Cambodia in 2007 to form the nation’s first competitive international baseball team.

Also a native Cambodian, Daron spent his early years, along with his family, in an internment camp in Thailand during the Killing Fields era of tyranny and violence. One of his first memories is seeing Stanley Kubrick’s epic Spartacus projected onto a sheet. Watching Spartacus not only helped sustain Daron and his family throughout their ordeal, it would later inspire Daron to become a filmmaker himself when he was a young man. We’ll talk about Daron’s story, his films, and more when he joins us in our first hour.

Plus: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen with a new edition of
This Week in TV History. It’s a full program as always... we certainly hope you’ll join us.

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