Thursday, June 02, 2005

A quick note to the “PTC”. RE: That Paris Hilton hamburger ad. (Click PODCAST)

Once again as I said before, "When I started writing this column, it wasn’t to be an anti "Parents Television Council" forum".
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If you are not familiar with the Carl's Jr. commercial in question, click the link and come back.

After extensive study of this ad I have come to the conclusion that Paris Hilton is having a 3-way with a car and a burger. This leaves me with a very important decision make, whether to spend $6.00 on a burger or not.

I would like to make some other pragmatic observations.

  1. I'd still rather see Paris Hilton wash a car than Ronald Mc Donald, Jack (from Jack in the box), or Dan the "Del Taco" guy.
  2. The guy in the "Burger King" mask is more traumatizing to children, potentially appearing in their nightmares, than a woman washing a car while eating a $6.00 burger.
  3. The more your group goes on TV to chastise Carl's Jr. and Hardees the more free publicity you give them.

Your organization on the web site PTC Calls Paris Hilton Ad for Carl’s Jr./Hardees Ultimate Example of Corporate Irresponsibility describes this commercial saying, "This is the ultimate example of corporate irresponsibility". Really? Does the name ENRON mean anything to you people? But lets just keep the discussion to the fast food industry. I encourage you to close shop for a day and rent the Academy Award nominated documentary "Super Size Me" and seriously reevaluate your priorities. Then if you still think "This is the ultimate example of corporate irresponsibility", then I say move over Burger King, because the PTC is the new "Home of the Whopper".

Stay Tuned

Tony Figueroa
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