Monday, September 26, 2005

Would you believe?

Don Adams

My ninth grade drama class attended a city drama festival where we competed against drama classes from all over the city. The highlight of the festival was a special guest who came on stage to read the name of winning team in the "Group Improvisation" competition. The special guest was Don Adams who was greeted with a standing ovation that lasted for five minutes. When the crowd quieted down Mr. Adams said three simple words, "Would you believe?" and the crowd went into another five-minute standing ovation.

I was a fan of Mr. Adams before that special event and an even bigger fan after. Everyone has been expressing how much he or she loved "Get Smart", "Tennessee Tuxedo" and "Inspector Gadget", but no one has mentioned one of my favorite shows Don Adams' Screen Test.

Good Night Mr. Adams.
I wanted to shake your hand that day but I missed you by that much.

Stay Tuned

Tony Figueroa


Toby said...

I still remember a TV special Mr. Adams did with Don Rickles called "Hooray For Hollywood" back in 1970. Charlton Heston appeared in it as well.

The special spoofed the history of movie-making (like bouquets of flowers in early talkies to hide the over-sized microphones.)

A running gag line - easily remembered by a high school freshman - was "I'm so lonely; I gotta get me a broad."

Unfortunately, I still find myself using it, but not as a gag line.

I wish I could have thanked him for all the laughs he provided...

Peter Miller said...

one of the funniest things I ever heard Don Adams say was on a CD-ROM game called "TV-Land presents: Blast from the Past" which was hosted bu Gary Owens and the exchange went something like this...

GARY: After "Get Smart" you went on to be the voice of "Inspector Gadget", what made you decide to play a character so similar to Maxwell Smart?

DON: Go Go Gadget: Alimony!

Don't get your nose caught in the pearly gates Don ;-)