Friday, January 13, 2006


Stories from a typical American marriage told by a typical American Couple, considering that the couple is made up of one Puerto Rican-Swedish television aficionado, and one African American Jane Pauley sound-alike shopalcoholic. The audience will follow their adventures in and over America, as they stray from the normalcy of their home, Hollywood CA.

The true-life stories are written and performed by Tony and Donna Figueroa for the
STORY SALON in Los Angeles CA. The Story Salon is Southern California's longest running, regularly performing, live storytelling ensemble.

Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen-Figueroa live in Hollywood, CA where they have been married for 12 years. While they both have very active separate careers, together they have worked on and produced several projects including a television talk show DAYLIGHT that aired in Los Angeles. DAYLIGHT was the first project that Tony & Donna hosted together. Most recently Tony and Donna have been very active in the STORY SALON in Southern CA. Here they have developed several one and two person shows, including
GUESS WHO'S COMING TO COFFEE. Tony and Donna have just finished StoryFest 05 in Los Angeles where they both performed several 1st person narratives. Tony and Donna are the proud parents of two spoiled cats.

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