Sunday, May 06, 2007

Amas de Casa Desesperadas

I've always enjoined watching foreign versions of American Shows or American versions of foreign shows. I'm starting to find them on YouTube. Amas de casa desesperadas is Argentinas version of Desperate Housewives. I hope to find more.

Except for Carlos Solis, all the character's names are different from the original American version. Some first names were simply translated to spanish, others were changed completely; all last names were changed.

Gabrielle Solis becomes Gabriela Solís
Lynette Scavo becomes Lía Salgari
Bree Van de Kamp becomes Vera Sherer
Susan Mayer becomes Susana Martini
Edie Britt becomes Carla Otegui
Julie Mayer becomes Julieta Martini
John Rowland becomes Juan
George Williams becomes Jorge Pereyra
Mike Delfino becomes Miguel Delfino
Mary Alice Young becomes Alicia Oviedo
Zach Young becomes René Oviedo
Paul Young becomes Pablo Oviedo
Tom Scavo becomes Tomás Salgari
Rex Van de Kamp becomes Ricardo Sherer
Martha Huber becomes Marta Hidalgo
Felicia Tilman becomes Felisa Gutierrez
Sophie Bremmer becomes Sofía Cicarelli
Noah becomes Julio
Karl Mayer becomes Esteban Martini
Annabel Foster becomes Anabel Fraga Season two will feature new characters, but the only ones already cast are Betty and Matthew Applewhite, who will be named Beatriz and Matías.
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