Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fonzie & Me

It's not often you get to meet a childhood hero. Last Sunday I was at the Sixth Annual West Hollywood Book Fair. When I wasn't promoting Story Salon, The Story Salon Podcast, Story Salon Saturday, The Story Salon Big Book of Stories, Handwritten Theatre, Comfort and Joi, and CHILD OF TELEVISION I visited the L.A. Theatre Works booth (Right behind our booth) where Henry Winkler was signing copies of THE RUBY SUNRISE CD.

THE RUBY SUNRISE begins when a 1920s tomboy feverishly works to develop her latest invention - a little something called "television". Twenty-five years later, her daughter will stop at nothing to bring her mother's incredible story to life during TV's Golden Age. But will it get the truth it deserves? The production includes an exclusive discussion of the invention and early days of television with Karen Herman, Director of the Archive of American Television at the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and writer-producer Phil Savenick, an expert on early television. The interview features extracts from the 10-year ongoing oral history of television being produced by the Television Academy Foundation, including Elma Farnsworth talking about her husband Philo, the inventor of television and the inspiration for "The Ruby Sunrise". Starring Henry Winkler, Jason Ritter, Asher Book, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Elizabeth Moss, and Kate Steele Written by Rinne Groff

As a kid The Fonz was cool. I had the T- Shirt, The leather jacket and a mug. When I was old enough I would go to Paramount studios after school and watch dress rehearsals of Happy Days. Now cool is when my childhood hero is signing his CD on one side of a plastic curtain and I'm signing our book on the other.

Thank you Mr. Winkler for everything then and now.

Stay Tuned

Tony Figueroa
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