Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Writer's Strike: Day 16 - Coast to Coast

In Hollywood something very big happened but didn't seem to get a lot of media coverage.

"On Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon, striking writers were joined by members of such unions as the Screen Actors Guild, Teamsters and Service Employees International Union. The solidarity march drew 4,000 people, according to the Writers Guild of America."

Los Angeles Times November 21, 2007

To Quote Writers Guild negotiation committee Chairman John F. Bowman, "Pay us and we'll shut up and go back to work, Show some soul, we'll show some flexibility."

In New York SNL's Will Forte and Kristen Wiig demonstrate an easy, fun way that fans can take action to support all the WGA writers on strike.

In Solidarity

Tony Figueroa

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MaryAn Batchellor said...

So far, I'm the only person I know who thinks this pencil thing is a bad idea. I'm not suggesting that anyone can stop it or should even try but as of today, 240,000 pencils or 20,000 boxes at a cost of $20,000 have been bought.

I have profound respect for the point being made. It's the funds being spent on an "unknown" that concern me. Nobody knows what will happen to these pencils. I suggest that, regardless of how earth friendly the project is or where anyone suggests the pencils be donated, the pencils will most likely be broken and delivered to strike captains if they even make it past the mail rooms.

Now, my city government background tells me that campaigns of any kind aren't cheap. I'm okay with that. But the fundraiser in me cringes that so many people are readily spending a dollar on an "unknown". That's $20,000 that could have gone to help unemployed writers pay their bills or to some kind of other WGA charity or strike related expense like printing t-shirts or signs or duct tape or whatever other costs WGA may be incurring.

It's funny. $20,000 would buy a lot of blankets and turkeys this time of year but then, it's not as exciting to send dollar bills for blankets and turkeys. I know. I've asked.

I'm a huge strike supporter. I have my t-shirt, signed the petition, put a video and info on my blog, etc and am trying to educate people in my realm of influence about what the strike is about but if all these people who says "I can't afford it but I sent 10 boxes anyway" would do ALSO do that for their local food bank, imagine what we could do. Just imagine.