Sunday, January 20, 2008

Suzanne Pleshette 1937 - 2008

I just heard on the morning news that veteran actress Suzanne Pleshette has died of cancer. She may be best known as Emily Hartley in the sitcom The Bob Newhart Show. The role of Emily brought in two Emmy nominations. Ms. Pleshette got two other Emmy nominations after guest starring as Julie Lawler in the drama series Dr. Kildare and a Golden Globe nomination for the title role in the TV drama Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean . Pleshette was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. In August 2006, she underwent chemotherapy at the Los Angeles’ Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. Click here to access Suzanne Pleshette's Archive of American Television interview.
To quote Ms. Pleshette in a 1999 interview on that being an actress was more important than being a star, "I'm an actress, and that's why I'm still here. Anybody who has the illusion that you can have a career as long as I have and be a star is kidding themselves."
Good Night Ms. Pleshette
In Solidarity
Tony Figueroa
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