Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

Dear Readers,

I have been spending Christmas and New Years at home in Hollywood (Is this what they call a Stay-cation?).

Again, I was never one for New Year’s resolutions but since I did it last year I thought that I could make it a yearly feature on my blog.

Last year I resolved to do more reading (Especially reading more classics and more plays).
I did do a lot more reading last year (thanks to the writer's strike), but not as many classics or plays as I wanted to.
So this year I plan to read more classics and more plays and take more advantage of my local library.

Last year I resolved to take a greater interest in current events outside the entertainment industry especially since 2008 was an election year.
I did that and I also volunteered some time with the Obama campaign (I discovered that volunteering eases election fatigue).
This year I again resolve to take a greater interest in current events outside the entertainment industry.

Again this year it would be ridiculous for me to say that.
"I resolve to watch less television"
but I said it last year and I did wind up watching less TV (and as I predicted it was not because of any self discipline on my part, it is only because of the writers strike).
This year I resolve to watch less television and I hope it is not due to an actors strike.
Don't worry I should have enough to write and talk about.

Last year I resolved to do more blogging and podcasting.
Over the year 2008 I seemed to write a lot of obituaries on my blog and I felt bad when some one's passing slipped under my radar (Please tell me if it happens in 09). Donna and I did not do as many Take Out Stories as I wanted but...
I resolve to do more blogging and podcasting this year.

To quote Dave Garroway, the first host of the Today Show who closed each program with an upraised hand and the single word, "Peace".

Stay Tuned and Happy New Year

Tony & Donna Figueroa

PS: I resolve to patronise more "Mom & Pop" business' in my neighborhood.
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