Sunday, May 02, 2010

TV Confidential Archives Apr. 26, 2010

First hour: Ed and Frankie weigh in on Ryan Seacrest, American Idol, the new HBO series Treme and how Conan O'Brien's recent deal with TBS will affect the late night television landscape. Also: David Krell remembers The Larry Sanders Show, while Tony Figueroa looks back at the final episode of The Cosby Show, the famous "Puppy Episode" of Ellen, and the media coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Second hour: Ed and Frankie welcome Emmy Award-winning director Paul Bogart, whose many credits such classic TV series as The Defenders, Get Smart, All in the Family and The Golden Girls, such feature motion pictures as Marlowe, Skin Game, Class of '44 and Torch Song Trilogy, and the acclaimed 1966 musical Evening Primrose starring Anthony Perkins and featuring original songs by Stephen Sondheim.
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