Saturday, August 07, 2010

TV Confidential Archives July 26, 2010

First hour: David Krell discusses the history of The Lone Ranger, one of the first Westerns ever to air on television, from its roots in radio to the infamous 1979 lawsuit filed by Wrather Corporation against Clayton Moore, the actor known to generations of viewers as The Masked Man.
Second hour: Author, novelist and television historian Douglas Brode joins Ed for a discussion of television Westerns, from Davy Crockett and Gunsmoke to Lonesome Dove and Deadwood. Doug's latest books include Shooting Stars of the Small Screen, a comprehensive look at more than 450 actors who starred in television Westerns over the past 60 years, and The Yellow Rose of Texas, a graphic novel that tells the story of Emily Morgan, the African-American woman who, legend has it, inspired the famous folk song of the same name. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa remembers the birth of Norman Lear, the death of Bob Hope and other events that happened This Week in TV History.
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