Friday, July 26, 2013

Your Mental Sorbet: Script to Screen: Back to the Future

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
GREAT SCOTT!!! Here is another "Mental Sorbet". It could mean that blog post inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance, almost as if it were the temporal junction point of the entire space-time continuum. On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence.  
Me with the Time Machine.
World of Cinemagic
As you may have noticed from reading this blog, or my BuzzFeed, that I am a huge Back to the Future fan. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this trilogy has stood the test of time (Pun Intended). You can never go wrong with good story telling. The most amazing part to me is that the Back to the Future trilogy now has more fans who were not born when the movies were released and there is more Back to the Future merchandise available now than was available when the movies were new BTTF Time Travel Terminal - Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Back to the Future Collecting Needs. 
Perhaps another reason the movies are popular with the younger set is that Back to the Future is one of the few movie franchise' the show a positive depiction of the future and not the apocalyptic fare that is being offered. People prefer a future with flying cars, Hoverboards and self-tying "Nike Air Mag".
Ruben and Tony Figueroa - August 2001
I've watched all the movies countless times, visited some of the sets and was one of the first hosts at Universal Studios Hollywood's World of Cinemagic featuring The Back to the Future Special Effects Stage.  

I even wrote my own Back to the Future Novel Titled 

There are two Back to the Future documentaries in production. 

A film about the cultural impact of Back to the Future—30 years later—told from the viewpoint of the DeLorean Time Machine.

The Time Machinists - a documentary about the Back To The Future films includes never before seen interviews & artwork from original BTTF filmmakers like Co-Creator Bob Gale.

Back to Back to the Future
A comic book written by David Guy Levy tells the story of what would happen if the filmmakers of Back to the Future went back in time and made sure Eric Stoltz was never replaced by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the popular film series. All proceeds will go to benefit the Young Storytellers Foundation.


The Future Is Now - GE ad Published on September 5, 2013


So now I give you this week's "Mental Sorbet" that we could use to momentarily forget about those things that leave a bad taste in our mouths. 

From UCTV, University of California Television Script to Screen: Back to the Future. Screenwriter and producer Bob Gale joins Christopher Lloyd, who played Dr. Emmett Brown, to share rare insights into the Back to the Future series. Series: "Carsey-Wolf Center"


Stay Tuned... or should I say,
"See you in the FUTURE"

Tony Figueroa
“It’s the ripple effect!”

Back To The Future Part II USA Today with my update.



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