Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jerry G. Bishop - The original Svengoolie

We must always make time for scary things, like monsters, ghosts and vampire wings.
Jerry will never really be gone.
We know this quite truly, he lives on in YouTube …
Just type in SVENGOOLIE

JERRY G. BISHOP:  I graduated Columbia College, was singing in a folk trio, heard WNMP on the car radio, drove there and asked if they were hiring.  The PD  [program director] was an interesting guy Chan Overton.  He gave me some audition copy to read, put me in a studio and taped me.  He called me the next day, offered me $67.50 a week.  I did a morning show "Commuter Express."  My news man was Bill Plante, now White House correspondent for CBS.  
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