Monday, April 28, 2014

This Week in Television History: April 2014 PART V

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As always, the further we go back in Hollywood history, the more that fact and legend become intertwined. It's hard to say where the truth really lies.

April 29, 1944
Last "Our Gang" film released. Dancing Romeo, the last "Our Gang" film, is released on this day in 1944.  
The first film, featuring a band of mischievous youngsters, was produced in 1922 by Hal Roach. Roach produced the short films until 1938, when he sold the rights to MGM. In all, more than 100 Our Gang films were made. Later, they were shown as TV comedies under the name "The Little Rascals."
April 30, 1939
NBC began regular U.S. television broadcasts, with a telecast of President Franklin D. Roosevelt opening the New York World's Fair. 
Programs were transmitted from the NBC mobile camera trucks to the main transmitter, which was connected to an aerial atop the Empire State Building. 

To quote the Bicentennial Minute, "And that's the way it was".

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Tony Figueroa
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