Thursday, August 14, 2014

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 243: A Tribute to James Garner

TV CONFIDENTIALShow No. 243: A Tribute to James Garner

Original Airdate: Week of Aug. 6-11, 2014
A two-hour tribute to Emmy Award-winning actor and entertainment icon James Garner, featuring highlights from some of our conversations with the people who knew and worked with him, including Jon Winokur (co-author of The Garner Files, Jim’s memoirs of his career in film and television), Emmy winners Roy Huggins (creator of Maverick, co-creator ofThe Rockford Files) and Stephen J. Cannell (co-creator of The Rockford Files), writer/producer Juanita Bartlett (Nichols,The Rockford Files), and a few other surprises. Plus we’ll hear from James Garner himself, in the form of two rarely heard interviews: a 1962 television appearance on Here’s Hollywood, and a 1996 radio appearance on The Ronn Owens Program.
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