Sunday, November 16, 2014

Galactica 1980 in Memory of Glen Larson

Glen Albert Larson(January 3, 1937 – November 14, 2014)
Glen Larson sitting in K.I.T.T.
We lost Glen Larson yesterday. He was was an American television producer and writer best known as the creator of the television series Battlestar GalacticaQuincy, M.E.The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew MysteriesB. J. and the BearThe Fall GuyMagnum, P.I. and Knight Rider

For some reason one of his lesser known series' Galactica 1980 popped into my head. Galactica 1980 was a spin-off from the original Battlestar Galactica. It was first broadcast on the ABC network in the United States from January 27 to May 4, 1980, lasting for 10 episodes.

In Memory of Glen Larson here is Galactica 1980

Set during the year 1980, and a generation after the original series, the Galactica and its fleet of 220 civilian ships have finally discovered Earth, only to find that its people are not as scientifically advanced and that the planet can neither defend itself against the Cylons nor help the Galactica as originally hoped. Therefore, teams of Colonial warriors are covertly sent to the planet to work incognito with various members of the scientific community, hoping to advance Earth's technology.

After the pilot was completed, the network was unhappy with the time travel aspects of the story, which was intended to be an ongoing premise in each episode as the Colonials chased Xavier through different periods in Earth's history. They agreed to pick up the series only if the time travel element was dropped. Larson and Bellisario reluctantly agreed, and the series instead became focused on Troy's and Dillon's attempts to protect some colonial children on Earth. Donald P. Bellisario later re-tooled the original time travel concept and re-used it as the basis of the considerably more successful Quantum Leap.

Good Night Mr. Larson

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