Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Your HOLIDAY SOR-BAY: A Bionic Christmas Carol

Here is a "HOLIDAY SOR-BAY" little spark of madness that we could use to artificially maintain our Christmas spirit.

TV History
November 2, 1914
Ray Walston is born Herman Raymond Walston. Best known as the title character on the 1960s CBS situation comedy My Favorite Martian. He is also remembered for such iconic stage, film and television roles as Luther Billis (South Pacific); Mr. Applegate (Damn Yankees); J.J. Singleton (The Sting), Mr. Hand (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and Judge Henry Bone (Picket Fences).

A Bionic Christmas Carol is a fourth season episode on the sci-fi/adventure series, The Six Million Dollar Man.  Col. Steve Austin is asked to cut his Christmas vacation in order to check on a company developing a life support system for a landing on Mars that is plagued with problems. Austin meets the company’s owner Mr. Budge (played by Ray Walston) and learns that the equipment testing problems are not sabotage but a greedy company owner who is going by the lowest equipment specification recommendations--the equipment fails because it’s too cheap.

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Tony Figueroa
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