Sunday, April 26, 2015

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 272 and 273


Show No. 272 with guests Morgan Woodward and Sylvia Resnick
Original Airdate: Week of Apr. 8-13, 2015
First hour: Longtime entertainment journalist Sylvia Resnick discusses her new book, The Evolution of the Hollywood Heartthrob, a fascinating look at Old Hollywood and New Hollywood that also profiles some of the greatest male heartthrobs in film and TV history. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen remember the premiere of Nightlineand Truth or ConsequencesSecond hour: Ed, Tony and Donna welcome actor Morgan Woodward (DallasCool Hand LukeStar TrekThe Waltons. Also in this hour: Greg Ehrbar discusses the recent DVD releases of Gilligan’s Planet andThundercats.

Show No. 273 with guest James Wilder
Original Airdate: Week of Apr. 15-20, 2015
First hour: Highlights from our June 2010 conversation with actor James Best (The Dukes of Hazzard). Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen remember Starsky and Hutch (the pilot of which originally aired in April 1975), while Greg Ehrbar discusses the recent DVD releases of Paddington BearSecond hour: Ed welcomes award-winning independent film actor James Wilder. James’ latest film, Three Holes and A Smoking Gun, is now available through many Video on Demand services. Also in this hour: An encore presentation of our August 2013 salute to comedian and satirist Stan Freberg.

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