Monday, February 20, 2006

OLYMPIC FEVER, I’m immune.

I’m sorry but I could really care less about the Winter Olympics this year. I’m sure that NBC is doing a great job covering the games. I just don’t care. I am not holding an Olympic boycott because those of you who know me know that I’m not big on boycotts. This has nothing to do with my patriotism. I tend to root for the home team. I don’t believe that politics and sports should mix besides that’s not what the Olympics are about. I first of all am not a big sports fan to begin with. When I do watch a sporting event it’s involves me actually going to the event. When I travel throughout the U.S. I love going to the local ballparks, order a beer, hot dog and peanuts and sing Take me out to the Ball Game. You might find it hard to believe that this CHILD OF TELEVISION does not watch sports on TV, but it’s true. I see the two things as being separate. TV is something you watch and sports are something you go to play (I was always put in right field) or watch from the stands. If I was in Torino you bet I would try to catch as many events as possible and root for team USA.

In past years I have said the same thing about the Winter Olympics then get addicted to an event. The last time it was the luge, but this year Matt Lauer and Al Roker’s doubles luge exhibition on the Today show ruined that event for me. As soon as I cleanse that Jungle Fever on Brokeback Mountain homo-erotic image from my brain the Today show will replay the clip and with Americas First Family playing in the background. Thank you guys. First I have to look at everyone’s colon now this. At least I can say that I have found the cure for Olympic fever.

To quote Al Roker on the sled, "That’s not the handle!"

Stay Tuned

Tony Figueroa
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