Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writer's Strike Day 12.

On Friday (November 16) I got to see presidential hopeful John Edwards who joined a writers' rally at NBC in Burbank. Also in attendance at the rally were three of the original Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz. How often to you see members of the Writers Guild picket with members of the Lollypop Guild?

Later that evening I attended Story Salon's "Atomic Lounge". Half way through the show I got a message that Writers Guild and the studios will resume talks on Nov. 26. Five minutes later I got a message from SAG with the Hollywood Guild Members: WGA Strike Locations for Monday, Nov. 19 plus Rally & March Location for Tuesday, Nov. 20 . I’m cautiously optimistic.

My quote is in the form of a video from The Screenwriter's Companion's own Joseph Dougherty

In solidarity

Tony Figueroa

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