Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tim & Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White

This is not really a book review but more of a gift giving suggestion.

Tim & Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White is the story about the first interracial comedy team Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen. Tim & Tom started in Chicago nightclubs then went on the road for five years. They worked all over America at a time of racial unrest, riots and assassinations. They faced racist heckling, threats, and even violence (Tim had a cigarette put out in his face). As a team they never had the success that they would later have in their solo careers. They were just ahead of their time.

I just finished the book (written with Ron Rapoport) and it hit home... Literally. As some of you remember my wife Donna and I did a show (Guess Who's Coming To...) that we performed at Fringe Theatre Festivals in 2006.
I think we have come a long way but we still have a way to go and it is true that the more things change the more they stay the same... I just never had a cigarette put out in my face. You can imagine that we would like to have a chance to meet Tim & Tom when they appear somewhere not only to sign my book but also to get their thoughts about an interracial couple performing together.

If you or a friend like stories about, Comedy, The Civil Rights Movement, Race Relations, Television and all things Show Biz this is the book for you and it makes a great gift. Tim and Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White: Tim Reid, Tom Dreesen, Ron Rapoport: Books With people cutting back on holiday spending the book is reasonably priced. Please consider this recommendation before you hit the malls on Black Friday (No pun intended).

Happy Thanksgiving

Tony & Donna Figueroa
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