Sunday, June 23, 2013

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Week of June 12-18, 2013

Show No. 188 with guest David Pollock
Original Airdate: Week of June 12-18, 2013
First hour: Emmy Award-winning television writer David Pollock joins Ed, Tony Figueroa, and Donna Allen as TV Confidential pays tribute to Emmy Award-winning actress Jean Stapleton. David wrote for Stapleton not only on All in the Family, but also her short-lived series with Whoopi Goldberg, Bagdad CafĂ©. Also in this hour: Highlights from our April 2010 conversation with Emmy Award-winning director Paul Bogart, the regular director of All in the Family from 1976 through 1979.  
Second hour: David Pollock and Ed look back on the careers of Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, the comedy twosome who influenced three generations of comedians and comedy writers, including Bob Newhart, Woody Allen, Jack Burns, George Carlin, Harry Shearer and David Letterman. David’s book, Bob and Ray: Keener Than Most Persons, The Backstayge Story of Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, is a comprehensive dual biography that was not only written with the complete cooperation of Bob Elliott and Liz Goulding, Ray’s widow, but features insights and commentary from numerous friends, colleagues, family members and admirers of Bob and Ray, including Norman Lear, Carl Reiner, Stan Freberg, Harry Shearer, Audrey Meadows, Cloris Leachman and Chris Elliott.
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