Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week in Television History: October 2015 PART III

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As always, the further we go back in Hollywood history, the more that fact and legend become intertwined. It's hard to say where the truth really lies.

October 20, 1985 - The movie "I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later" aired.
I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later is a 1985 made-for-television film produced by Columbia Pictures Television which premiered on NBC on October 20, 1985. It is the first of two reunion films based on the 1965–70 sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.
Barbara Eden reprises her world-famous role as the magical Jeannie; also reprising their roles from the original series were Bill Daily as Tony's fellow astronaut and best friend Roger Healy, and Hayden Rorke (in his final film role) as NASA psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows. The role of Tony Nelson was played by Wayne Rogers, best known for his role as Trapper John McIntyre on the 1970s series M*A*S*HLarry Hagman was unavailable to reprise his role as Tony Nelson reportedly because he was too busy filming his CBS series Dallas at the time.
The film was directed by William Asher (who was also director of the 1960s show Bewitched) and the teleplay was written by Irma Kalish.

October 23, 1925
Talk show host Johnny Carson is born in Corning, Iowa. 

After studying journalism in college, Carson began working in radio and television. He began writing for TV shows in the 1950s and hosted his own show, Carson's Cellar, in 1951. He began occasionally guest hosting for Jack Paar on The Tonight Show and became the show's permanent host in 1962. He retired in 1992 and died in Los Angeles on January 23, 2005.

To quote the Bicentennial Minute, "And that's the way it was".



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