Monday, October 19, 2015

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 291, 292, 293 and 294

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Show No. 291 with guest James Sutorius
Original Airdate: Week of Sept. 16-21, 2015
First hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen remember Green Acres, Xena: Warrior Princess and The Dean Martin Show, all of which originally premiered during This Week in TV History. Also in this hour: An excerpt from our December 2011 conversation with the Alberici Sisters (Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg), co-authors of Beyond Our Wildest Dreams, a memoir of their two decades performing with Dean Martin as members of the Dean Martin Golddiggers that particularly focuses on the years 1973 through 1978, one of the last great eras of entertainment. Second hour: Ed welcomes James Sutorius, the accomplished actor whose many television credits include Matlock, Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, Family Ties, The X Files, Southland, Perry Mason and CSI, as well as his own series, The Andros Targets.

Show No. 292 with guests Dean Hargrove, James Sutorius and Laura Pursell
Original Airdate: Week of Sept. 23-28, 2015
First hour: Ed welcomes singer/actress Laura Pursell. Laura’s latest album, The Very Last Dance Hall Left in L.A., is a collaboration with her father, legendary Nashville pianist Bill Pursell. Also in this hour: Part 2 of our conversation with stage and television actor James Sutorius (The Andros Targets, The Bob Crane Show). Plus: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen remember the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Hogan’s Heroes. Second hour: Ed welcomes Emmy Award-winning writer, producer and director Dean Hargrove (Columbo, The Name of the Game, Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Perry Mason). Dean is also the director and executive producer of Tap World, a critically acclaimed documentary that provides a window into the world of tap dancing. Tap World will be screened at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on Sunday, Oct. 18, while the film will become available on demand via Netflix beginning Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Show No. 293 with guests Susan Kesler, Bob Herron and Stacey Adams
Original Airdate: Week of Sept. 30-Oct. 5, 2015
First hour: A look back at the history of The Wild, Wild West, which originally premiered on CBS in September 1965, followed by a replay of our October 2013 conversation with Susan Kesler (author of The Wild, Wild West: The Series) and longtime movie and TV stuntman Bob Herron, Ross Martin’s double on The Wild, Wild West. Bob Herron was honored in September 2015 by the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures. Second hour: This Week in TV History remembers the legacy of Get Smart, which also premiered in September 1965. Also in this hour: An encore presentation of our March 2014 conversation with actress and network TV executive Stacey Adams, the daughter of Don Adams.

Show No. 294 with guests Kathy Garver and Rita Lakin
Original Airdate: Week of Oct. 7-12, 2015
First hour: Ed welcomes back Rita Lakin, author of The Only Woman in the Room, a memoir of her twenty-five-year career as one of the first solo female writer/producers in network television—at a time (mid 1960s through the late 1980s) when the industry was still very much an old boys network. Rita will be appearing at Book Passages in Corte Madera, CA on Saturday, Oct. 24. She will also be honored by the Writers Guild Women’s Committee and The Committee for Career Longevity in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, Nov. 3. For more information on these and other upcoming events, go to Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen remember the premiere of The Flintstones in October 1960. Second hour: Ed welcomes back Kathy Garver, “Cissy Davis” from Family Affair, and the author of Surviving Cissy: My Family Affair of Life in Hollywood, the story of Kathy’s life and career, which not only discusses her early roles in such films as The Ten Commandments and Night of the Hunter, but includes heartfelt tributes to all of her cast members of Family Affair, including Brian Keith. Kathy has several appearances across the country over the next few weeks; for more information on her schedule, go to
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