Saturday, April 22, 2017

Erin Moran

I am still being recognized as Joanie and probably will as long as Happy Days is playing on TV and remembered by Happy Days fans. It has and will always be a pleasure and a honor for me to be a part of it
-Erin Moran
Erin Marie Moran
October 18, 1960 – April 22, 2017
TMZ reported that Moran had died. Harrison CountyIndiana, authorities were alerted to an unresponsive female, later identified as Moran. She was 56.

Erin Moran was cast as Jenny Jones in the television series Daktari, which ran from 1966 to 1969.

In 1968, she made her feature-film debut in How Sweet It Is! with Debbie Reynolds. She appeared in 80 Steps to Jonah (1969) and Watermelon Man (1970). She made regular appearances on The Don Rickles Show in 1972. She made guest appearances in The Courtship of Eddie's FatherMy Three SonsBearcats! and Family Affair. As a young child, she was also on the television series Gunsmoke.

In 1974, Moran was cast to play her best known role, Joanie Cunningham on the sitcom Happy Days. She played the feisty younger sister of Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard). 

Moran continued the role in 1982 in the short-lived spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi, alongside Scott Baio. She won the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in a New Television Series for her role. After Joanie Loves Chachi's cancellation in 1983, she returned to Happy Days for its final season.
Moran made several other television guest appearances, including The Love BoatMurder, She Wrote and Diagnosis: Murder.

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